GCSE, Sixth Form & Non-School Groups

GCSE & Sixth Form

We have a fantastic range of resources at Ford Castle and the surrounding area on our doorstep is one of the most naturally rich and historically significant parts of the United Kingdom.  How would you put it to good use?

Whatever specific needs you have relating to History, Geography, Biology, Geology or Art coursework, then there’s a good chance that we can help you put together the bespoke trip you need.

You might want to use our iconic accommodation and study the local area or blend the studies with some of our activities, or something else! Contact us now to get started and tell us what you have in mind!

Non-School, Uniformed and Other Groups

Whether you wish to use our facilities, study our local area, draw on the rich historical setting or follow in Lady Waterford’s brush strokes and literally draw our rich historical setting, there’s every chance we can help.  We look forward to hearing from you!