Seven sensational reasons to visit

Never visited Ford Castle? – What are you waiting for?

1) We are the only residential centre which doubles as a genuine Medieval Castle! – Walk in the footsteps of Kings and uncover a piece of English heritage.

2) See work from one of the ‘greatest artists of her time’ at Lady Waterford’s Hall; the same Lady Waterford who once owned the Ford Estate.

3) Choose from our range of over 15 action packed activities.

4) Famously rumoured to be the place where King James IV spent his last night alive before venturing out onto the Flodden battlefield.

5) Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) is good for you – learn new skills, experience new environments and it’s fun!

6) We have over 15 years’ experience of running Residential Centres – we know what we’re doing.

7) Tailor made packages for schools; whether it’s Geography, Biology or History we can design a programme that best suits you.

Flodden 500

500 years ago today, King James IV of Scotland was killed on the battlefield of Flodden Hill in 1513.

Amazingly when you visit Ford Castle you can see this fateful field from our King James Tower.

Why was the Battle of Flodden so important?

  • King James IV was the last King to die on British soil.
  • Clive Hallam-Baker of Remembering Flodden Project explains about the vast loss of life; “Around 15,000 men died in the space on two and a half hours. A death toll like that wasn’t seen again until the battles of World War One.”

What would it have been like during the battle?

  • The Scots were under fire from English canons and billhooks
  • They retreated downhill into slippery, boggy ground
  • James’ army had to rely on pikes as their defence

How many men were in battle?

  • English – 26,000
  • Scottish – 30,000

How is Flodden remembered?

  • In the Scottish folk song: “Flooers o’ the Forest”  which details the grief of women and children who have lost their men in battle. It is played at remembrance services and funerals around the World.
  • There are various events to commemorate the battle happening September 9th and beyond including; an archaeological dig, private dinner and exhibition at Alnwick Castle. For details please visit:

Did you see us on The One Show?

Did you see us on BBC’s The One Show last Thursday?

Historian Dan Snow visited Ford Castle to mark the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden. He toured the nearby Battlefield, talked about the weapons and tactics used by both armies, and visited the spot where King James IV was killed by the enemy.


Dan Snow tours the grounds at Ford

Dan Snow tours the grounds at Ford

Clive Hallam Baker explains how the infamous battle came to take place at Ford

Clive Hallam Baker explains how the infamous battle came to take place at Ford









During the show Dan also spoke to local historian Clive Hallam-Baker;  who has written a book about the Battle of Flodden and he even visited the grand bedroom used by James IV while he stayed in the Castle.
Dan seemed to find our castle and gardens fascinating, but he couldn’t leave without a quick zoom down the zip wire…

Don’t worry if you missed it – you can still watch Thursday’s episode online until the end of the week.