The benefits of a residential school trip are easy to see, yet they are not so easy to plan; indeed it can even be stressful. That’s why we do as much as possible to help. For more information, see How to Book.

If you would like to use our Power Point presentation for your Parent’s evening or for a more information about your trip please download it here FORD CASTLE ADVENTURE

Planning Service

This ensures your party gets the most from your trip. You choose which course, activities and excursions you’d like and we’ll put your itinerary together


If you’d like us to, we can arrange transport with one of our preferred coach companies, whether that be a full service from pick-up to drop-off at your school; or transport for excursions

Supportive Staff

In order that you get a break too, our staff are on duty from before breakfast until after bedtime, although we encourage teachers to join in with activities and evening entertainment

Help is at Hand

With your safety and peace of mind a priority,  we always have a senior member of staff available as Duty Manager throughout the night should you need any assistance

Health & Safety

Risk Assessments are available prior to your visit. Health and Safety is managed by our staff, but if you have any queries there is always someone senior on-site to answer questions and put your mind at ease

Wish you were here

Fax and e-mail facilities are available, so you can keep in touch with those left behind at school if you wish


Ford Castle Adventure Ltd is fully insured and our policy is available, on request, to schools that have booked with us, although the policy has been checked and approved by the BAPA and Edinburgh City Council.

Contact us now for more information, or see what Courses, Activities and Explorations are available.